Becoming A Commander of Covenant Wealth

"If you're in the Body of Christ, you are legally and positionally far above debt, far above lack, far above poverty, far above any works of the devil.  But you have to know it and act like it's true for it to produce something in your life."  That's the bold declaration by Dr. Leroy Thompson in this remarkable book.

Chapter titles include:

  • Once You've Located Yourself, It's Easy To Locate Covenant
  • Wealth!
  • Wealth By Works-How To Bypass the Covenant and Forsake Your Blessing
  • Seedtime and Miracle-Multiplication Harvest
  • Having the Mindset for Miracle Money
  • Manifestation Secrets
  • How to Receive a Prophetic Breakthrough
  • And many more!
Price: $13.00


The Voice of Jesus

In this dynamic work, Dr. Leroy Thompson shows you how to break the cycle of powerless confession and to develop the intimacy and understanding that will put faith-filled words to work for you.

You'll discover:

  • Why your words have power
  • Where that power comes from
  • How to receive revelation knowledge
  • How to study and meditate on the Word
  • How to make your confession with confidence
Price: $10.00


Money with a Mission

What are your plans for your money? Are you just trying to get all the bills paid? Are you saving for the future, for the kids, for retirement? Are you looking to buy a new home, take a vacation or buy a new car? God knows that you need all of these things, and He has the ability to meet all these needs and more!

Learn how you can have financial prosperity by handling money God's way. Discover God's purpose for your money today!

Price: $13.00


Money Thou Art Loosed

Learn God's purpose for money as Dr. Thompson unveils the revelation of how your money ministry can 1)save the lost; 2) demonstrate that the enemy's works have been destroyed; and 3) cause people to experience life more abundantly in the area of finances.

There is more! In this book, you can:

  • Learn to take authority over your giving and your receiving.
  • Learn to dedicate your money to the Lord and watch what He will do!
  • Learn to qualify for divine prosperity.
  • Learn to become a master over money and make money obey you.
Price: $11.00


What To Do When Your Faith Is Challenged

Satan, circumstances and people - even other Christians will challenge you. Can your faith stand the test? Dr. Thompson's book, What To Do When Your Faith Is Challenged, can teach you how to walk in total victory in every area of your life, no matter what kind of challenge you face. You can learn:

  • Why challenges come and how to be ready for them
  • The importance of walking by faith as a lifestyle, not just in the midst of a crisis
  • How to solidify and prove your faith against any obstacle that threatens to hinder you!
  • How to turn life's contests into conquest!
  • How to keep a cool spirit when circumstances try to "bend you out of shape"!
Price: $11.00


Money Cometh

In this powerful volume, Dr. Leroy Thompson shares the God given revelation that changed his life and shows you how to apply those same principles of prosperity in your own life. You'll learn how to put God in charge of your finances by obeying His Word and keeping your heart and mind right before him.

You'll also learn how to:

  • Open the door to blessings
  • Stop living on credit
  • Get out of debt permanently
  • Prepare a storehouse for the increase that is coming
Price: $15.00


How to Find Your Wealthy Place

In this book How To Find Your Wealthy Place, Dr. Thompson describes in detail three types of places people are living in today: the land of not enough; the land ofjust enough; and the land of more than enough. He shows how you can move up higher in your finances, discussing subjects, such as:

  • Your covenant of increase
  • How to adjust your vision of prosperity and take the limits off God.
  • How to slay the giant of poverty and lack in your life.
  • The dangers of putting your trust in money instead of God.
  • How to speed up your journey to the land of "more than enough" -to your wealthy place!
Price: $9.00


Framing Your World With The Word of God

Maybe you don't like your current situation, or your circumstances are not what you want.  If you desire to be healthy, full of joy, free from worry and blessed in all your relationships, then it's probably time for you to change your world with the Word of God.

With this dynamic book, Dr. Thompson teaches powerful truths to illustrate how to shape your world with the Word of God:

  • How to line up your thinking with the Word of God
  • How to know and act upon His will for your life
  • How to confess the lordship of Jesus over every circumstance
Price: $10.00

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