The WSCI Family is no stranger to the streets. We recognize that some people will never set foot in a church. Therefore, we must take the “church” to them. One way of doing so is through tent revivals. Tents are set up in areas that are drug and crime-infested – those places where most are intimidated or fearful of going. We believe that in order to change your actions, you must change your thinking. Pastor and Lady P and the World Shakers take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the neighborhoods and minister to the citizens on a level they can understand.

We have witnessed many miracles, signs and wonders under the tent over the years. The glory of God is always present, and the lives of the people and the communities are impacted and changed for the better. We hear testimonies of manifested change long after the tent revival is over. True revival breaks out as people are healed, delivered and set free from sin and bondage. This is also a time of refreshing for the World Shakers!

In order to reach the unsaved, we must first minister to the un-regenerated man. The World Shakers accomplish this goal by providing free give-a-ways, such as food and school supplies, to show that we care. This opens the door for us to then minister the love and Word of God to them.

An open invitation is extended to you to join us as we host tent revivals throughout the city of Baton Rouge.